FMCG Future Leaders Forum

A unique opportunity for people of ambition in our business.
Be challenged by NZ’s FMCG leaders.
Gain new perspectives on personal leadership, sustainability and resilience.
Broaden your horizons, develop your thinking.
Get energised and reinvigorated
Deliver even greater value to your role and the whole FMCG sector

This is not a sit-and-listen event, it is an applied setting for connecting and learning. A chance to get outside your bubble and cross-pollinate. Nothing stands still in FMCG. If you’re not constantly calibrating on getting ahead, you’re at risk of being left behind.

We have an amazing industry, offering new and exciting opportunities at every turn. That’s why we call our annual event Kaleidoscope.

If you are a future leader …
… you are the engine of the FMCG industry. We have grown Kaleidoscope into an annual forum, to give you personal-growth encounters with New Zealand’s thought leaders, innovative business thinkers and highly respected CEOs, plus keynotes, workshop sessions and new network connections. Kaleidoscope will enhance your career and enhance your value to your team. As a future leader, the pinnacle of your career still lies ahead. This is how you get there.

If you want to grow your team as leaders …
… then your top talent belongs at Kaleidoscope '20. You have invested so much in them already. This is how you can enhance that value. They will get to discover and discuss the future of FMCG leadership. They will feel more energised and connected to their purpose, goals and career than ever before. So, whoever on your team is hungry, impatient, passionate, energetic and always up for it, they need to be at Kaleidoscope ’20.