WHAT IS KALEIDOSCOPE '22 Acts of Leadership

A unique opportunity for people of ambition in our business...

Last year’s Kaleidoscope was extraordinary, forged in the midst of the pandemic. These events are giving a generation of future leaders a unique sense of what leadership looks like.

This year...

Leadership looks like Courage
Leadership isn’t about going with the flow. Leadership is about the courage to act.
Who I am and what I do speak far louder than what I say.
Acts of Leadership take Courage
Leadership looks like Congruence
To be a trusted followed leader,
What I think must match what I say, What I say must match what I do.
Congruence is a simple but powerful framework for your leaders to live by. It produces leaders we can trust, understand, emulate and follow.
Leadership looks like Consistency
The strongest rope is made up of a thousand small strands. Leadership is a cord of thousands of small acts of courage for the greater good.
It takes courage and commitment to consistently do all the small things, not just the big thing.
Acts of Leadership is our coherent theme for Kaleidoscope ’22.
It’s moving away from just talking about leadership. We are going to do leadership.
Kaleidoscope ’22 is not about leadership in theory, in ideas or books.
This is about leadership in action.
It’s like the famous Henry Mintsberg quote:
“Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.”
Kaleidoscope: Acts of Leadership will give young leaders the invitation and permission to…
Just dive in and do.
This is going to be the most inspirational and transforming Kaleidoscope so far. Future leaders will gain a real lift and fresh perspective. They will be challenged and encouraged that they are building their careers in the right place. Uncertainty will become energy. Fatigue and futility will be replaced by fresh focus and the motivating power of possibility.
Everyone will be excited about their futures, as they reflect on the stories of those who have lived out acts of leadership in the worlds of business, politics and achievement.
Acts of Courage. Acts of Congruence. Acts of Consistency. Acts of Leadership.
If you are a future leader or if you want to grow your team as leaders then you will want to attend…
Kaleidoscope ‘22
Acts of Leadership