"I thought it was very beneficial for anyone who was interested in a career in the FMCG industry. You hear about successes in the industry and get to meet like minded people, when networking during breaks and at your table"

• "It was great to be surrounded by peers from within my industry and inspired by some of the industries top leaders" 

• "A lot of time and effort went into this conference and it was full of powerful messages. You also created a safe platform for people to ask questions and for your speakers to engage with the audience. Will suggest this to more people."

• "An energising and informative day, focused on the next leaders of FMCG" 

• "I would absolutely recommend this forum to the right people. It challenges the mindset professionally and personally" 

• "The event allowed for the holistic view of our industry, with potential changes, growth and development" 

• "I thought it was a really great day out - test thinking, provide inspiration and ideas"